TOT supports local Angolan community

2 Angolan crew boarded ITC CHINOOK to continue their training

For our long term project in angola (Luanda)....

Tschudi Offshore & Towage started an Angolisation plan to support the local community and comply with the local content requirements. Four Angolan seafarers attended a two-week program at a Dutch training facility in South Africa where they completed the required STCW trainings to join our Dutch flagged vessels ITC CHINOOK and ITC CYCLONE.

After completing their trainings in South Africa the first two Angolan seafarers were welcomed by the crew on board ITC Chinook to continue their training. To date we have two Angolan Ordinary Seamen and two Angolan Wipers working back to back in a monthly rotation schedule.

In 2015 Tschudi will continue training Angolan crew and aim to have a total of 12 local crewmembers on board.