Installation of IKA JZ Jacket

AHT BLizzard towed hlv rambiz to croatia

Early September 2013, AHTS BLIZZARD sailed from Flushing towing HLV RAMBIZ to Rijeka, Croatia where the Scaldis owned heavy lift vessel with a 3300 tons lifting capacity installed the Ika JZ jacket for Saipem in Croatian waters. The 73 meter tripod jacket was fabricated in Rijeka and was transported to the offshore site loaded on a barge horizontally. The jacket was lifted off the transport barge by HLV RAMBIZ using both cranes. RAMBIZ was also used to support piling, grouting and miscellaneous assembly works. During the operations, AHTS BLIZZARD assisted the transport barge and HLV with anchor handling and towing support.  The RAMBIZ was redelivered at Trieste, Italy.