ITC Meltemi assisting off Giglio Island

ITC MELTEMI on hire with micoperi

Under contract with Micoperi  / Titan JV, ITC MELTEMI arrived at Ortona, Italy to tow barge MICOURIER 1 from the Italian East Coast to the grounding site of the stricken passenger vessel COSTA CONCORDIA. On arrival on site near Giglio Island, ITC MELTEMI will assist in the project during the final phase of refloating and preparations for the dry transport of the vessel to the scrapping site.

The Italian COSTA CONCORDIA carrying 4,252 people, sank after it capsized at Isola del Giglio, on January 2012, with the loss of 32 lives.  The contract to remove the vessel was granted to a JV of Titan Salvage USA (part of the Crowley Group) and Micoperi Marine Contractors of Italy.