Late April 2012, Saipem Limited UK redelivered our AHTS's BLIZZARD and BOULDER at the completion of the Nord Stream pipeline project

The BLIZZARD has been engaged during the full 24 months of this challenging project. The BLUSTER contributed during one month and our BOULDER completed the team of four anchor handlers during the final eight months. During this project our vessels and crews worked 24/7, realizing the continuous repositioning of the twelve 25 tons Stevpris anchors of the semi submersible lay barge CASTORO SEI. 

The Nord Stream Project took another major step forward with the completion of offshore pipe lay of the second of its twin 1,224-kilometre gas pipelines through the Baltic Sea ahead of schedule. In the early morning of April 18, 2012, pipe number 99,953, the last pipe of Line 2, was welded onto pipeline and lowered onto the seabed off the coast of Gotland, Sweden by lay barge Castoro SEI.  This marked the completion of the logistics activities for the Nord Stream Project.