Dear All, After a sea-going career of 13 years and a shore based career spanning 37 years of which the last 16 year as managing director of ITC, it is about time to change course to a semi lay by berth

For all of us working in ITC, the job has become a bit more than just an ordinary job, it has become a way of life with all its excitements, disappointments, highlights, low points, good markets and dismal markets. It is therefore with some sadness that I like to inform you that I will relinquish my position as managing director of  ITC on May 31 and will hand over my responsibilities to Mark de Jonge, who will join ITC as the next managing director of ITC. Mark has an extensive marine background and I have no doubt that he is well equipped for this job and that he will receive the necessary support from all of you.

During April 1975 I started my shore based career with ITC and became its managing director in 1997. I could not have done this job without our very professional and dedicated seagoing staff and the full support of the small team, manning the ITC main office. They are always there 24/7 throughout the year. The support of all in ITC's mother company, Tschudi Shipping Company AS, has been unprecedented. It has therefore been a great privilege indeed to have been the head of this team of marine professionals for so many years.

ITC will celebrate its 40th anniversary at the end of this year and has done quite some exciting things during all these years. I am confident that ITC will do the same the coming years and will remain an interesting, reliable and understanding partner  to work with for many years to come.

I like to thank you all for the trust and support given to me during all these years and like to wish you all Godspeed with fair winds and following seas for the years to come.

With warmest regards
Joop Timmermans